A major part of maintaining your landscape is ensuring your hedges are in pristine condition. Not only do you want them to look their best, but you should also be invested in their long-term health.

Here at Spring View Lawns, we offer comprehensive landscape trimming and pruning services to residents in Bowling Green, Plum Springs, and Smiths Grove, KY.

Learn about the three crucial ways we promote the health of your hedges in Bowling Green, KY and the surrounding areas through our trimming and pruning services.

1. Our landscapers prune your hedges when they are dormant.

In the landscaping industry, it's common practice to perform pruning when hedges are dormant. Our professional landscapers always abide by industry standards, so you can expect us to perform pruning services whenever your plants have entered dormancy, which is usually during the winter or in early spring.

Dormancy is a temporary state in a plant's life cycle where its growth and physical activity stop occurring.

Dormancy is a natural part of a plant's life, and our pruning team takes advantage of it. When your hedges are dormant, we can get a better view of what cuts need to be made.

If you're interested in pruning services for your hedges and other landscape plants including bushes, shrubs, and small trees, we implement similar practices. Depending on the type of your softscape in your yard, our pruning services may be performed at slightly different times.

2. We trim your hedges to complement your property.

Trimming a hedge in Bowling Green, KY.

It's easy to appreciate manicured hedges but achieving a beautiful final product is easier said than done. It takes years of experience and practice to seamlessly trim landscaping plants that complement the rest of your property.

Our pruning team is well-trained and possesses the hand-eye coordination required to beautifully trim your hedges and other softscape without cutting too much away. We utilize street signs, your home's siding, and other points of reference to achieve straight edges that you and your neighbors can marvel at.

3. Our trimming team makes calculated cuts on your hedges to curb excess growth.

Trimming and pruning are performed to stimulate the growth of your hedges. However, sometimes their growth needs to be curbed to protect surrounding softscape including shrubs, bushes, and trees.

We make calculated cuts on your hedges to both stimulate growth and curb unruly or excess growth.

Through our hedge trimming and pruning services, we remove specific components to:

  • Train your hedges to take on your desired shape
  • Restrict harmful growth
  • Maintain your hedges' overall health and eliminate diseased components

Call us today to set up a hedge trimming and pruning schedule that will enhance the health and aesthetic appeal of your yard.

Are you interested in promoting the health of your hedges in Bowling Green? Call us today.

If you are interested in promoting or restoring the health of your hedges, bushes, or shrubs, our team can help. Our expert landscapers serve residential properties located in Bowling Green, KY, and the surrounding areas.

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