Is it time for a different approach to your lawn care routine? If you are struggling with maintaining a healthy, green lawn in Bowling Green, KY then these mowing and maintenance tips are perfect for you! Every region of the United States is different in terms of location, weather, and lawn maintenance throughout the seasons.

Bowling Green, KY is nestled in the southern part of Kentucky and has about a 7-month growing season. During the "growing season" is when residents and commercial property owners alike really need to focus on properly maintaining routine lawn mowing for their grass.

The "growing season" is referred to as the time of year with non-freezing temperatures. For Bowling Green, KY, that season is April 5 through October 29, and will typically contain 20-30 mows. 

Here are the top 4 mowing tips you need to know:

We have assembled a few tips to help ensure that your lawn reaches its full potential for thickness and health during the growing season. They are as follows:

1. Do not cut your grass too short!

Although many people love the appeal of a clean-cut look that mimics a golf course green, your grass is not made to withstand that sort of close cut. When you mow your lawn too close to the blades' crowns, it creates added stress on the lawn. The crowns then have to work harder to heal themselves, which causes the grass to become susceptible to lawn disease, insect infestations, and weeds.

Avoid creating a detrimental lawn problem by following the one-third rule with your mower and keeping your cuts on the higher end. When you mow your lawn according to the one-third rule, you mow only one-third of the blade height on your lawn. Your lawn will be less stressed and healthier.

2. Change your mowing pattern weekly.

Most people like routine, so we tend to do the same things, the same way, repeatedly. When it comes to lawn maintenance for your Bowling Green property, we advise you to switch your mowing pattern weekly. This keeps your grass from leaning in one direction and keeps your growth upright. Switching your pattern constantly also avoids the formation of ruts in your lawn.

3. Leave your grass clippings on your lawn.

At Spring View Lawns, we use mulching mowers, which are designed to leave your grass clippings on your lawn. If you have a mulching mower, put it to good use! Grass clippings are a natural and easy way of adding organic matter back into your lawn.

4. Keep your mower blades sharp!

At Spring View Lawns, we check and sharpen our mower blades regularly, so that our clients get a nice, clean cut every time. If you are choosing the DIY method of mowing, you should have your mower serviced at least once per year to get the blades sharpened.

If you mow your lawn with dull blades, the grass will be torn from the ground rather than cut, resulting in a lawn that will quickly go brown and suffer from pests and diseases. 

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Thick lawn in the back yard of a homeowner in Bowling Green.

So much work goes into maintaining a healthy lawn. While these mowing tips will put you on the right track, they can become overwhelming. Here at Spring View Lawns, we offer comprehensive lawn mowing for Bowling Green, KY and the surrounding areas. If you are ready to invest in proper, consistent care for your property, call us at (270) 850-3088 for an estimate.