Now that fall is here, cold weather is soon to follow—and frigid temperatures can have a detrimental effect on your lawn and landscaping. When ice forms on your lawn, grass becomes hard and brittle. Preparing your lawn in the fall is the best way to combat the changes that winter will bring. This can include services such as mowing, edging, leaf removal, and more.

Here are some reasons why a property cleanup for lawns in Bowling Green, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, and surrounding areas is important to conduct in the fall—before winter sets in.

Cold weather can damage weakened lawns and landscape plants.

Deciduous trees and plants use their leaves to evaporate water into Earth’s atmosphere. To successfully lie dormant in winter, these plants and trees shed their leaves during autumn—which leads to leafy buildups in your lawn. Yards covered in sticks and leaves tend to have weak grass, which is more vulnerable to the effects of winter—namely ice and snow. Weak grass is also more susceptible to pest infestations or disease. That’s why it’s imperative to remove this buildup before temps fall and it becomes too late.

Grass lacking nutrients makes lawns more vulnerable to colder weather.

If lawn debris weakens the grass and makes it less effective in fighting off infestation and disease—not to mention the ill effects of winter weather—how does that happen? Organic debris such as sticks and leaves makes absorbing essential nutrients, such as air, water, and light, into grass nearly impossible.

These nutrients are crucial to maintaining your lawn’s strength, so the lack thereof weakens the grass and places it at risk for damage when colder weather arrives. Yard cleanup services will take care of this excess debris and help enable grass to take in these nutrients, which will have a direct positive impact on your lawn’s health.

Scheduling this work to take place in the fall is important, as it will help strengthen your lawn to be more resilient against the plummeting temperatures.

Lawn debris enables insects and lawn disease to fester.

Sticks and lawn debris in Bowling Green, KY gathered in garbage cans.

The combination of lack of sunlight and increased moisture underneath lawn debris, such as sticks and leaves, serves as a breeding ground for both insects and lawn disease. This can result in various fungi on your lawn or insect eggs to be laid under the debris. The most effective way to combat this is a fall lawn cleanup to remove the debris before it becomes a catalyst for more severe issues. Removing this debris during autumn ensures that your lawn will be healthy and able going into winter.

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At Spring View Lawns, we’re committed to getting your lawn and landscaping winter-ready. Our yard cleanup services that we offer include mowing, trimming, edging, mulch/rock installation, weed pulling, leaf removal, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. We offer our customers in Bowling Green, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, and nearby areas two cleanups per year, but one-time cleanups can be provided by request.

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