When summertime rolls around each year, many of us think it's a perfect time to ease up on our lawn-mowing schedules and mow less frequently. While waiting longer between mowings may seem beneficial at first, it actually poses many health risks to your lawn and requires more time and money later on to help your lawn rebound from the damage.

Less frequent mowing during the summer allows diseases to pop up and spread, hurts your grass, and contributes to a poorly manicured appearance. If you're wondering if keeping a regular lawn mowing schedule during the summer is necessary for your lawn in Bowling Green, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, and other nearby areas, read on to learn about the benefits of mowing your lawn during the summer.

Why It's Healthier to Cut Your Lawn Regularly in the Summer

Grass grows at an alarmingly fast rate during the summertime. Waiting too long between lawn mowings causes stress to your lawn because you're cutting off more than one-third of the total leaf blade height at one time. When this happens, your grass goes into shock and becomes weaker and less resilient against disease.

Mowing more frequently actually helps your lawn's health by stimulating its growth and preventing a brutal shock to the blades from having too much cut off at once. Regular mowing during the summer also contributes to your lawn's visual appeal by keeping it well-manicured and preserving its thick, lush appearance.

Regularly mowing your lawn in Bowling Green during the summertime helps stimulate its growth and keep your grass looking healthy and lush.

How Regular Summer Mowing Can Prevent Lawn Diseases

Infrequent lawn mowing can cause brown patch disease shown here in a lawn in Plum Springs, KY.

Some lawn diseases are more common in the summer, such as dollar spot and patch disease. Dollar spot and other similar lawn diseases are at their worst in seasons marked by high humidity and hot temperatures, much like those experienced in our area. If you don't regularly mow your lawn during the summer, these diseases grow and spread to your entire lawn. Regular lawn mowing, especially in the summer, can help prevent these diseases.

How Mowing Your Lawn During the Summer Saves You Time and Money

Waiting longer between lawn mowings in the summertime may seem like a time and money saver at first, but this actually causes serious damage to your grass, ultimately costing you more in the long run. Letting your grass grow too long between mowings prevents it from reaching its full potential. As mentioned above, infrequent mowing during the summer allows diseases to pop up and spread, killing your grass. Waiting to cut your grass until it's long also shocks and damages the blades, making them even more susceptible to disease.

While mowing your lawn less in the summer may save money at first, it ultimately costs more in the long run to fix the damage caused by infrequent and poor mowing. It's much more expensive to restore your lawn's health than it is to mow frequently and regularly during the summer.

How Low Should You Cut Your Grass in the Summer?

A person mowing a lawn in Smiths Grove, KY.

Determining how low you should cut your grass is pivotal to your lawn's health, especially in the summer. Cutting your grass too short will leave it vulnerable to weeds, dehydration, and heat damage. However, letting it grow too long creates an inviting environment for pests and other critters such as snakes, insects, and moles to take refuge inside.

No matter what height your lawn is currently at, you should never cut off more than one-third of the grass blade in any one mowing. During the summer, mowing height should be raised to mow your lawn higher, preferably at 3 to 3.5 inches, while still following the one-third rule. This means that if your lawn is excessively high and cutting it down to 3 inches would remove more than one-third the overall blade height in one mow, you should still only cut off one-third. You can then bring it down to the 3-inch mark during the next mow. This extra height provides more insulation and protection from the intense summer sun and heat and reduces water loss from your soil.

What to Do If It Rains a Lot in the Summer

It's common in our area of KY to experience rainy summers. While it's not ideal to mow your lawn when it's wet, it's much better for your lawn's health to mow it while wet rather than let it grow too long. If you find yourself debating whether to put off mowing until it dries, or cutting it while it's still slightly wet, choose the latter.

Ready to set your summer lawn-mowing schedule?

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