During this time of the year, many homes experience leaf clutter among their property. While these fallen leaves may seem harmless, leaving them to accumulate and degrade on your lawn can cause serious problems for your lawn and your family. A thick matted blanket of dead leaves suffocates your lawn, promotes diseases and fungal growth, and attracts potentially dangerous pests.

If you live in Bowling Green, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, and the surrounding areas, here is why it’s important to remove leaves from your yard and when you should perform these services.

Accumulated Leaves Suffocate Your Lawn

Autumn is the time when your grass begins storing up as much energy as it can before going dormant in the winter. In order to properly prepare for the upcoming winter months, your lawn needs access to sunlight, water, air, and nutrients to sustain itself throughout the winter. A thick layer of dead leaves suffocates your lawn and blocks essential light, air, and nutrients from reaching your grass and its roots. Without proper sunlight, your grass is unable to go through photosynthesis and absorb nutrients it needs to survive the winter.

Leaves Trap Moisture That Promotes Diseases & Mold

Leaves trap moisture beneath their layer, preventing the evaporation of water from your lawn. This trapped moisture creates a breeding ground for various diseases and fungi. Mold thrives in dark, damp places and is not only harmful to your lawn but also to your health. Trampling leaves underfoot releases toxic mold spores into the air which causes respiratory problems and other severe illnesses.

Many homeowners don't realize that leaf clutter promotes mold growth by trapping moisture beneath their layer and preventing evaporation of lingering water.

Spiders, Snakes, & Other Dangerous Pests Hide Within Leaf Clutter

Many dangerous pests like spiders, snakes, and rodents love to take refuge beneath leaf clutter. This layer of dead debris creates a dark, safe haven for these pests and brings them in close proximity to your home and loved ones. When you allow dead leaves to remain on your lawn, it increases the risk of you, your loved ones, and pets coming into contact with these pests. If bitten, the victim can fall very ill and the results can sometimes be fatal. Removing fallen leaves from your yard eliminates nesting grounds for these biological hazards.

When & How Leaf Removal Services Work

Blowing leaves off of a property in Bowling Green, KY.

Ideally, leaves should not be left to sit on your lawn for more than 7 to 10 days. Any longer and the layer of leaf clutter can cause detrimental problems for the health of your grass. Most companies typically recommend leaf removal services twice during the fall to ensure your lawn stays healthy. Your first leaf removal service should be performed when about 30% of all leaves have fallen, as this will gather up and remove the bulk of leaves in your yard. A second service should be performed later on once all remaining leaves have fallen. During this second cleanup, a professional company will gather the rest of the leaves that have fallen and accumulated on your lawn, ensuring your yard is clear and pristine.

Do you need leaves removed from your property?

At Spring View Lawns we provide seasonal fall cleanups and leaf removal services for properties in Bowling Green, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, and the surrounding areas. Our experts swiftly and effectively remove all leaves from your lawn using rakes, leaf blowers, and tarps to gather them up and haul them away. We keep your lawn healthy and your family safe from pests and other nuisances. Call us today at (270) 850-3088 to get on our schedule before it’s too late!