Lawn maintenance is something that can easily fall by the wayside in Bowling Green and the surrounding areas, especially if you’re working full-time and coming home with not much spare time in the day. But leaving these tasks to sit can cause damage to your lawn.

When we let lawn maintenance tasks accumulate, we create an environment that can stifle grass growth and in some cases, kill the grass entirely. Also, when there are certain things we do, like parking on the grass, that also does nothing to help the health and life of your turf.

Here are some ways you may accidentally be harming your lawn.

Parking or Driving on Your Lawn

Parking cars on lawns in Plum Springs can damage grass.

When you park or drive on your lawn, you can cause damage to the grass blades and compact the soil underneath it. Putting that much weight on your lawn can harm the roots as well. When soil is compacted, it’s hard for nutrients to reach those roots.

Another issue caused by parking on your grass is that the vehicle will block sunlight from getting to that grass, meaning you could potentially have large brown spots on your lawn as the grass begins to die. Instead of parking on your lawn, try parking in the driveway or garage instead.

Leaving Pet Waste to Sit on Your Grass

Many people believe that dog feces are a good source of natural fertilizer--but this is inaccurate. Dog feces, as well as dog urine, have a high concentration of nitrogen. While nitrogen is one of the nutrients your soil needs, if it gets too much, the grass can die.

Don’t let your dog urinate in the same spot each time. Make sure the dog is using different areas each time they need to go and make sure you are picking up their feces regularly. You can also hire a company to come out and clean up after your dog.

Using Improper Mowing and Trimming/Pruning Techniques

One of the keys to maintaining a healthy lawn is to establish a regular mowing schedule and to cut the blades at just the right height. A common misconception is to mow the grass as short as possible so you don’t have to do this as often, but mowing the grass too short means there’s less room for the blades to absorb sunlight and moisture.

When you mow your grass, you should never mow more than 1/3 the height of the blade.

Improper trimming and pruning of your landscape plants, shrubs, hedges, and small trees can also cause irreparable damage. Pruning should only be done once a year, and when it’s done depends on the type of plant. Trimming should be done more often, but only to maintain the shape and size of the plant.

When a professional like Spring View Lawns is trusted to maintain your mowing, trimming, and pruning schedule, you can have peace of mind knowing your plants are in good hands.

Planting in the Wrong Areas

Planting in wrong areas in Smiths Grove can result in dead or dying plants.

When you get plants for your yard, it’s important to follow their guidelines. Some plants require full sun, while others require some shade. If you plant these in the wrong areas of your yard, then they will not thrive and grow at optimal conditions.

Not Tracking Insect Infestation or Disease Spread

If you’re not out in your yard and examining your plants and grass regularly, you could be missing signs of insect infestation and fungal disease spread. Both of these issues pose a big threat to your lawn and landscaping. It’s essential to examine your plants and grass for signs of these issues, otherwise, they could be overtaken.

You can keep all of these issues at bay by working with a lawn care professional.

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