Your lawn requires routine lawn care to stay strong and healthy throughout the year, particularly during the colder months of autumn and winter. Providing your lawn with certain services like aeration and dethatching help to prepare it for the upcoming winter months and sets a strong, healthy foundation for spring.

Aeration and dethatching loosens compacted soil and removes thatch to provide your grass’ roots with proper access to nutrients and sunlight needed to grow when spring returns next year. Here is why your lawn in Bowling Green, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, and the surrounding areas needs core aeration and dethatching in the fall.

Strengthen Your Lawn for the Winter

A strong, healthy lawn that's prepared for the upcoming winter in Plum Springs, KY

In order for your lawn to be well-prepared for the winter, it needs to be in its best shape. Aeration and dethatching ensure your lawn will have the health and strength necessary to last through the winter and return again thick and full in spring.

Removing thatch and aerating your lawn removes any pests that may have been present in your lawn, and prevents further ones from spreading. Pests and diseases feed on your lawn and destroy its health, making it weak and less resilient against cold and frost during the winter. Eliminating these issues provides your lawn with a strong foundation to fight off the cold winter months.

Increases Seed Germination in the Spring

Dethatching in the fall removes built-up debris from your lawn and allows greater access to your lawn’s soil. When you follow this up with aeration, your soil becomes nice and loose and creates the perfect environment for tiny seeds to germinate. Aeration breaks up compacted soil and provides holes for your seeds to sink deep down into. These holes provide a safe hiding place for your grass seeds, away from pests, foot traffic, cold, frost, and other surface disturbances.

If you choose to not dethatch and aerate your lawn in the fall, it may struggle to grow back in once spring returns. To guarantee a thick green lawn in spring, we always recommend to aerate and dethatch your lawn every fall.

Core aeration and dethatching are most effective in the fall when your lawn can benefit from the extra boost of health it needs to survive the winter and return vibrant and healthy in spring.

Improves Your Lawn’s Appearance

A beautiful green lawn in Smiths Grove, KY that has benefited from fall fertilization the previous autumn.

A lawn that is free of pests, weeds, and diseases, always looks best. Core aeration creates the optimal environment for your soil to deliver nutrients to your grass to keep it looking lush, thick, and green. Dethatching prevents diseases, pest infestation, and crowds out weeds so your lawn can grow in thick and strong in the spring. Because your lawn is in its best shape before the winter hits, it won’t suffer through the cold as much as a weak lawn would. Once spring returns, your lawn will have a head start, and grow back in thick and vibrant.

Strengthen your lawn and prepare it for the winter with our core aeration and dethatching services.

Cooler months are fast approaching; is your lawn prepared? Help get your lawn and landscape ready for the winter with our core aeration and dethatching services that boost your lawn’s health and growth for the spring. Call us today at (270) 850-3088 to learn more about our core aeration and overseeding services for your lawn in Bowling Green, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, and the surrounding areas.