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Lawn Mowing In Bowling Green, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, & Surrounding Areas

Regular lawn maintenance services include mowing, string trimming, edging, and blowing to keep your property pristine all season long.

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Expert lawn mowing and maintenance services for your residential property in Bowling Green, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, or surrounding areas in KY.

20-30 mows per year are performed from mid-April to late October, as part of the consistent lawn mowing schedule we provide.

From mid-April to late October, which is the prime growing season for your grass, your lawn requires consistent, weekly mowing to maintain its health and vibrancy. With our expert mowing and maintenance services, we mow your residential property approximately 20-30 times per year. We provide lawn mowing services for homeowners in Bowling Green, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, and surrounding areas in KY.

We adjust our mowing practices based on the weather for the region. During periods of less growth, your lawn may only be serviced bi-weekly.

Details such as blowing, string trimming, and edging is what gives your lawn the well-maintained look.

Along with mowing your grass weekly, our services include string trimming, edging, and blowing. All of these tasks combine together to give your turf a fresh trim and your property a well-maintained look.

We string trim around hard to reach areas such as your fence, house, trees, mailboxes, and other exterior obstacles. Edging creates a straight border around your driveways and walkways. At the end of your services, we leave everything clean and tidy by blowing grass clippings and debris off your property's driveway and walkways.

One-Third Rule & Popular Grasses Found in Western Kentucky

Bowling Green homeowner receiving lawn mowing and maintenance services from Spring View Lawns.

In Western Kentucky, several popular kinds of cool-season grasses are typically found on a residential property. We are experts in turf conditions and know the best way to mow each grass type for optimal growth conditions. However, no matter what type of lawn we service, we follow a proper grass cutting technique, which involves following the one-third rule...Never trim more than one-third the height of your grass blades. This promotes healthy growth and allows your lawn to soak in nutrients and perform proper photosynthesis.

Some of the most popular grasses found in Western Kentucky include Bermuda, Zoysia, and Tall Fescue. Most residential lawns in areas like Bowling Green, Plum Springs, and Smiths Grove will be one or a combination of these grasses.

Homeowners, call us for a free estimate on lawn mowing and maintenance for your property.

Inquire about our lawn mowing services for your property today! At Spring View Lawns, we provide the kind of lawn maintenance that helps homeowners to acquire the thick and healthy lawn that they desire. Call us at (270) 850-3088 and get a free estimate for your seasonal services today!

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