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Leaf Removal In Bowling Green, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, & Surrounding Areas

Our leaf removal services will allow the grass of your lawn to receive the sunlight it needs to produce nutrients for its root system.

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Professional leaf removal services offered to residents all around the areas of Bowling Green, Plum Springs, and Smiths Grove, KY.

Our leaf removal services will keep your grass in a healthy state, by getting rid of the blanket of leaves that prohibits sunlight and nutrients from reaching it.

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Autumn can be a beautiful time of the year in areas like Western KY that are lucky to witness all-season weather. The leaves start to change color and give a soft orange-red glow to the world. Then, the leaves start to fall and before you know it, your lawn is covered in leaves.

This can cause potential damage to your lawn if leaves are left to sit for too long. For residential homes in Bowling Green, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, and other surrounding communities, professional leaf removal is a simple solution.

The problem with leaves is that they create a blanket over your lawn, which prohibits sunlight and nutrients from reaching your grass.

Leaf removal services will help your grass to stay in a state of good health.

If you can no longer see the blades of your grass sticking up from under the leaves in your yard, you have too much leaf coverage.

When should leaves be removed?

Experts say leaves should sit for no more than 7-10 days on your lawn, in order to prevent anything detrimental from happening to the health of your grass. At the very least, you should consider leaf removal services twice during the fall.

Your first service should be when about 30% of the leaves have fallen, with the second service being when the majority of the leaves have fallen. This allows us to make sure that as many of the leaves are removed from your property as possible before winter arrives!

What happens to your lawn if leaf cover sits on it for too long?

Leaf cover is an extreme hindrance to your grass's growth, especially during the fall. When the seasons get cooler, your grass is able to use photosynthesis to store nutrients deep in the root system to be used for spring growth. When leaves sit on top of your lawn for too long and create a barrier, the grass is unable to go through the process of converting sunlight to nutrients.

In addition to this, leaves also create a number of other problems, including:

  • A reduction in water evaporation which can lead to lawn fungus, mold, or disease
  • Wet, decomposing leaves which can lead to mosquito infestation
  • Healthy lawn being wiped out in about 1-2 years due to matted leaves blocking sunlight

Professional leaf removal services help your lawn thrive during the fall by allowing it to get the correct amount of sunlight and moisture.

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Leaf cover being blown from the driveway of a homeowner.

We bring our rakes and leaf blowers to round up your leaves onto tarps and haul them away. At Spring View Lawns, we are efficient in our leaf removal services.

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